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Grateful to him (学会感恩)

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 感恩是种可贵的品质,懂得感恩的人便是一个真诚的人,正直的人,高尚的人,有道德的人。 Thanksgiving is a valuable kinds of quality, who know Thanksgiving is a sincere person, honest people, noble people, moral people. 从心底怀着感激之情,能搭建人与人之间友好的桥梁。 From the bottom of my heart with gratitude, can build a bridge between people and friendly.
父母哺育我们,给我们一个温暖的家,让我们这艘奔波的小船能停靠在温暖的港湾里。 Parents nurtured us, give us a warm home, let us run around the boat can be docked ship in the warm bay. 每当夜深人静,大地进入梦乡时,许多人曾默默祈祷:将来自己长大了,一定要尽孝,让父母生活得温暖安宁舒适。 When the dead of night, the earth to sleep, many people have silent prayer: will grow up themselves, and we must fulfill their filial duties, so that parents live comfortably warm and peaceful. 可他们没想到,“子欲养而亲不待”。 But they did not expect that, "son wants his parents, does not wait." 多年之后,双亲已衰老,有的甚至不在人世了,这时想尽孝也来不及了。 Years later, his parents have been aging, and some even dead, and then think themselves to have too late. 一位成功人士曾感慨道:“小时候父母送我读书,家里很穷,就连生病也舍不得去医院,硬是供我上完了大学,之后,父母却相继去世了。如果不是身省吃俭用地供我读书,他们会生活得好些,活得长久些,如今我也能守候在他们身旁。想起来,我真不孝。”因此,对双亲的感恩要从现在做起,在平时的生活中宵禁孝敬他们。 There have been a success with emotion: "The child, for parents to send my school, the family was poor, even the sick can not bear to go to the hospital, literally for my last finished college, after which the parents have died one after another. If not for the body to live frugally I am reading, they will live better and live a long time more, and now I am also able to watch on their side. think of it, I really lack of filial piety. "Therefore, parents Thanksgiving from now start life in peacetime curfew honor them. 我们不仅要心怀感激,还要让他们知道,自己随时愿陪伴在他们身边。 We should not only grateful but also let them know that he is willing to spend any time around them.
童年时读过欧。 Childhood, when read Europe. 亨利的文章,至今难以忘怀:有一对贫穷夫妇,妻子为送丈夫一件像样的圣诞礼物,把自己最引以为豪的满头金发剪下,拿去卖掉,为丈夫买了一条金表链。 Henry's article, are still unable to forget: There is a pair of poor couple, wife sending her husband a decent Christmas gift to his most proud of his head is cut blonde hair, Naqu sold, for her husband bought a gold watch chain . 最后两人互赠礼物时,发现丈夫的金表不见了,原来两人在最困难的时候想的都是对方——丈夫用自己最珍贵的东西——金表换了妻子喜欢的一整套梳子——他们都用自己最珍贵的东西换来对方最喜爱的物品。 Eventually, they came gift-giving, and found her husband's gold watch gone, that they were not in the most difficult time thinking about all the other side - her husband with their most precious thing - a gold watch for his wife like a set of comb - they are the most precious things in their own in exchange for each other's favorite items. 但是,妻子有了精美的梳子却没了金发,而丈夫有了金表链却没了金表。 However, the wife has beautiful blond hair, had no comb, and her husband have a gold watch-chain, had no gold watch. 这看来也许很可笑,但其中却饱含了浓浓的爱意,两人都在感恩着对方为家庭的幸福生活付出的辛劳,这两件礼物饱含着无价的情意。 This may seem ridiculous, but is full of a deep sense of love, both with each other as the family on Thanksgiving the happy life of hard work, these two pieces of the priceless gift full of affection.
你给我一滴水,我将回报你整个大海。 You give me a drop of water, I will return your entire sea. 这是多么热情洋溢的感恩之心。 This is such a warm heart of thanksgiving. 如果人人都用“大海之情”来回报“滴水之恩”,那么燥热的荒原将处处淌出清泉,变得芳草菲菲。 If everyone with "Sea of Love" to return "dripping grace," then the wilderness will be everywhere Tang Chu, hot springs and become fragrant grass Feifei. 谁能想象一杯牛奶的价值? Who can imagine the value of a glass of milk? 一个贫穷的推销员,在饥渴难耐时敲开一间农舍的门,开门的是位年轻美丽的少女,她给了他一杯牛奶,他心怀感激地喝了。 A poor salesman, in hunger and thirst when you knock on a farmhouse door, the door was a young beautiful girl, and she gave him a glass of milk, he was grateful to drink. 多年后,通过努力,他成了名医。 Many years later, through efforts, he became a famous doctor. 一次,一个病危妇人在他工作的医院治疗,由于付不起昂贵的费用,迟迟得不到救治。 Once, a dying woman in hospital for treatment of his work, because can not afford the high cost of treatment is not delayed. 当他发现这位病重的老妇人就是曾经馈赠他一杯牛奶的那个少女时,他心怀感恩之情,不但治好了她的病,还帮她付清了费用,并在单子上写到:一杯牛奶的费用。 When he found the seriously ill woman is to have a cup of milk a gift that his girl, he cherished the feeling of gratitude, not only cured her illness, but also to help her pay off the cost, and wrote in the list : glass of milk costs.
我们常疑虑自己的付出得不到回报,这也许有一定的理由,但只要我们心怀感恩,让别人把美德的芳香带走,撒播到众人心里,美德的芳香就会得以传播。 We often pay no doubts about his own return, which may have some reasons, but as long as we harbor thanksgiving, let others put the United States and Germany aromatic away into the crowd to sow the hearts of the United States and Germany will be able to spread fragrance. 美德的芳香传播得越远,就越能点燃人们心中的火焰,而最初传递芳香的人便是你。 The more aromatic the United States and Germany spread far more able to ignite the flames of people's minds, while the original fragrance of people is that you pass. 如果我们伸出两只手而一无所获,那当然无奈;但如果我们伸出满握的手却发现无人来握,那才叫绝望呢。 If we reach out both hands and nothing, then of course helpless; but if we shake the hand stretched out over only to find no one to shake, then it can be called desperate.
其实,青少年朋友都有着爱心,懂得感恩。 In fact, the young friends have a love and know how to Thanksgiving. 在那次令人震惊的地震灾害中许多人伸出了援手,送去自己的祝福,给流离失所的人送去光明与希望。 In that shocking earthquake disaster, many of whom came to the rescue, and sent his blessings to the displaced persons sent light and hope. 许多同学捐赠了自己积攒的零花钱,也许很细微,但,慈善的不是钱,而是心。 Many students donated their pocket money accumulated, and perhaps a very subtle, but the charity is not the money, but the heart. 这对苦难当头的人便是莫大的鼓舞。 This is the suffering of those who take the lead is a great encouragement.
感恩把不同信仰的人连在一起,懂得感恩,怀着一颗赤诚的心,我们的明天就会更加美好。 Thanksgiving, of people of different faiths together, know how to Thanksgiving a feeling of a sincere heart, our tomorrow will be better.

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